ABC’s of Church Safety

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A Simple Plan to Increase Security for Your Church

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At a very young age we learned how to recite the alphabet and the first letters we learned were most likely A, B, C. We probably thought it was difficult to remember then, but the more we practiced, the easier it got. Church safety and security doesn’t have to be difficult either, even though it may seem like it is at first. All you have to do is have a starting point and work from there, the rest will come fairly easily with repetition and practice. Today we want to get you started on a simple path to church safety by presenting you with the ABC’s.


A – Access Points

B – Build Plans

C – Communicate

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Prepared Response Sales Team Travels to MN & TX to Talk School Safety

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Here at Prepared Response, we have a dedicated sales team that travels all across the United States getting valuable and life-saving information into the hands of those who need it most, while also strengthening our company’s existing relationship with facility administrators and first responders in each state. This week our sales team is heading to Minnesota and then to Texas for school conferences. In Duluth, MN, our team is attending the Minnesota Association of School Administrators tradeshow and in Austin, TX they will be presenting at the Texas Association of School Administrators/ Texas Association of School Boards. Find out more about how our sales team caters to the needs of current and future customers. Read More

First Responder Series: Law Enforcement

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3 Things Your Law Enforcement First Responders Want You to Know

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Today starts our series for September, “3 Things your First Responders Want You to Know.” We are starting off with our law enforcement first responders and our guest blogger is Lt. Cliff Ziesemer with Thurston County Sheriff’s Office in Thurston County, WA.  In his many years in law enforcement, Lt. Ziesemer has come across some valuable tips that can help everyone. Today he is giving the public a firsthand look at 3 things that law enforcement want you to know. Read More

How Schools Are Preparing Through Drills

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Methods to Gain the Most From Your School Drills

drillsUnfortunately we live in a day and time that our schools must prepare for the most difficult emergency situations, including violent intruders and active shooters. Although it is hard to imagine that it would happen in our town, it is reassuring to know that schools are taking a proactive approach and preparing the best they can for these instances through different means, including drills. Today we want to give you some of those methods in order for you to gain the most knowledge and be proactive by implementing drills. Read More

Church Security: From the Ground, Up

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Northstar Church of God Pastor, Luke Hodges Explains their Safety & Security Measures

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Luke Hodges is the Senior Pastor of Northstar Church of God in Tumwater, WA. In his four years there so far, he has been dedicating much time to the improvement of overall safety and security at his church, while continuing to foster an open and welcoming environment to members and visitors alike. I recently had the opportunity to talk with him and get some insight on how his church is cost effectively increasing their safety and overall security. Read More

Is Your Facility a Terrorist Target

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Learn If Your Facility Is & How to Become Less Vulnerable

It seems that almost every facility is a target these days for an attack, either foreign or domestic but whether a shopping center, a sports arena, or a restaurant, your facility probably has emergency plans in place to respond during incidents. For the purposes of this post, we are going to define terrorist as, a person who terrorizes or frightens others. Most public areas are soft targets for terrorism, but there are also hard targets and there is a stark difference between the two. Today we are going to identify the differences between soft and hard terrorist targets, and ways that you can diminish the likelihood of being a victim.

A soft target is a person or thing that is relatively unprotected or vulnerable, especially to military or terrorist attack. Soft targets make up the majority of victims, whereas, hard targets are seen as something that is heavily defended by formal security protocol. Although soft targets are at a greater risk, both are still very susceptible to attack.   Read More

Are You Protecting Your Place of Worship from Liability?

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5 Ways to Mitigate Liability in Your Church

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Protecting your place of worship from liability concerns is imperative but liability is a word that often invokes fear. Pastors, deacons, priests, etc. are troubled by the thought of their place of worship being held liable for incidents or injuries, but the truth is, places of worship face many risks they need to understand and take action to avoid. Today we are going to discuss some ways places of worship can be proactive to prevent being held liable.

Critical Areas to Consider

  • Job Descriptions
  • Church Safety
  • Waivers for High-risk Activities
  • Child & Youth Workers
  • Insurance

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Exercising Your School’s Emergency Response Plans

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5 Tips to Enhance Your Emergency Response Plans

Regularly updating and exercising your school’s emergency plans are imperative to being prepared when emergency breaks out. Emergency plans that sit in a binder on a bookshelf are not acting as a safety asset to your school campus. To help you, we have listed 5 best practices to make the most out of your emergency response plans:Emergency Response Checklist

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