Notifying Parents of a School Crisis

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4 Common Methods to Communicate with Parents During an Incident

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When a school crisis strikes, the first priority is safety for all students, staff, and visitors on the campus. Once a safe environment is stabled, the second priority is alerting parents and guardians and informing them of reunification procedures. With the advancement of technology there are many forms of communication to utilize when notifying parents. Keep reading to learn about the 4 most popular methods used to notify parents of a school crisis. Read More

Mitigation After a Mass Shooting: What You Need to Know

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The Immediate & Mid-Stage Recovery from an Active Shooter at Your Movie Theater

Active shooter scenarios are something we wish didn’t have to be discussed and planned for, but unfortunately they are a viable threat to any facilities emergency preparedness. In the unfavorable chance your movie theater is faced with an active shooter situation, take these tips to provide a well-managed response that focuses on victims and their families. There are multiple phases when responding to an active shooter event, from law enforcement arriving, to the containment of the shooter, and the aftermath of picking up the pieces. Today we want to focus on the aftermath, after imminent danger has passed and supporting those whose lives are now forever changed. Read More

Doctors Aren’t the Only Ones Who Need to Work on Their Response Time

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3 Ways Rapid Responder Can Help to Improve Your Healthcare Facility’s Response Time by Effectively Preparing

Doctors and nurses continually strive to improve their response time to an emergency, but do the maintenance, security, or management departments? If there were a fire or an active shooter, would your healthcare facility as a whole be prepared to respond in an efficient manner? Today we want to tell you three ways that Rapid Responder improves your healthcare facility’s response time. Read More

How the Incident Command System Can Help Mitigate Organization Liability

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incident command system

Housed within Rapid Responder® is the NIMS based Incident Command System (ICS), a standardized approach to command control during an emergency response. ICS is built to be an easy to use tab model which indicates all pertinent information about individual incidents or events that are created within a Rapid Responder site, including an event log, an overall summary, and communications between participants. Within ICS your entire response is electronically logged and time stamped, allowing for a real time evaluation to be able to improve upon and recognize working procedures. Read More

Polk County, MN Working to Increase Emergency Preparedness

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Polk County Sheriff takes the lead to increase emergency preparedness by supporting Rapid Responder®

On December 17th, Prepared Response, Inc., sponsored a Rapid Responder information event in Polk County MN, in coordination with Sheriff Barb Erdman to discuss how Rapid Responder increases county emergency preparedness. Jeff Hicks, National Account Executive for Prepared Response, shared with first responders, schools and other organizations how Rapid Responder facilitates the gathering, organizing, and distributing of emergency preparedness and response information, and how it ensures a quick and coordinated response to any emergency. Read More