Effective Security Begins with Building Design

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building design

The design and layout of your buildings are the first and often most important aspects to safety and security. With effective building design hiding places can easily be diminished and emergency exits can be more easily accessed. We understand that many times, facilities are built with a different intended purpose, but remodeling can be beneficial to security. Today we want to give you 5 ways that your building’s design and layout can improve your security and make it more effective. Read More

Easy Alert, the Internal Communication Tool that Your Healthcare Facility is Missing

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Does your hospital or other healthcare facility have a way to communicate internally during an emergency situation, incident, or drill? If so, does that same communication tool allow for real-time communication with your first responders as well? Rapid Responder Easy Alert meets both of those needs and is included in the cost of your Rapid Responder implementation. Below are three ways that Easy Alert helps your healthcare facility to communicate internally during an incident or drill.

Easy AlertCompatible with any iOS or Android Device

Easy Alert is browser based and compatible with all iOS and Android devices, it is also accessible on any platform, making it a universal communication tool for staff and first responders.  Because it is browser based, there is no fear of updates, ensuring your ability to use it at any time, and it can be saved to your device’s home screen for quick access. An incident or drill can be initiated within 2 clicks and a notification can be sent to a predetermined contact list of staff and first responders by email and/or text. Read More

Bomb Threat Series: Healthcare

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Create Plans, Practice Drills & Respond to Threats

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Hospitals – multiple buildings with expansive corridors and hundreds of rooms filled with patients and visitors. Eventually a wing or floor gets the code for a bomb threat and anxiety sets it. Bomb threats in a facility such as a hospital can bring unwelcome nervousness to patients, staff and first responders. Prepare for bomb threats by creating effective plans, practicing drills and responding efficiently. Read More

Exercising and Performing Drills In Your Healthcare Facility

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For schools, drills are fairly easy and common; they shelter in place at the sound of an alarm or they evacuate to a designated location. For healthcare facilities, especially hospitals, this is not such an easy task. With multiple buildings and floors, visitors, patients, and an ever changing staff system, evacuating and sheltering in place for a hospital can be stressful. Nevertheless, a variety of drills are required by law, they need to be documented for proof and they must follow emergency response procedures and emergency operation plans (EOP).

Emergency response plans are the blueprint for how a hospital will run during crisis situations. Emergency response plans should be evaluated by the crisis response team members after every drill that is performed. Aspects of the drill that need to be evaluated include accurate documentation, response types and times, and what can be amended in the response plan to have a more effective drill in the future. These variables should be noted and documented in a digital system that can be accessed electronically and on-the-go. Read More

Identifying a Potential Active Shooter

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What to Look for & How to Respond

In most active shooter scenarios, it is decided through investigation, the incident could have been prevented if someone had noticed the shooters behavior earlier. Whether in a house of worship, a school, a hospital, or a movie theater, staff and employees should be actively monitoring their environment for suspicious activity. Learn how to identify behaviors by knowing what to look for in a potential active shooter and how to respond if you find yourself involved.

Read More

Simple Solutions to Complex Problems: Understanding Lockdowns

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Guest Post by Paul Delon, Knowledge Manager for Prepared Response, Inc.

There are a lot of things to consider when talking about safety, security, and emergency preparedness.  Just take a look at some of the past blog posts here and you’ll see topics on cameras, visitor management systems, mass notification systems, even what to be prepared for when you call 911.  There’s a lot to consider and at times it can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, there are a lot of simple and low cost solutions to the problems we encounter when dealing with safety and security preparedness.  Read More

Safety Equipment, a Necessary Component

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Increase Safety with Effective Equipment

Safety equipment is a necessary aspect to preventing and effectively handling emergencies. Without proper safety equipment, your potential loss increases significantly. Safety equipment can be defined as anything that your facility uses to protect property, or people from being damaged during an emergency situation. Take a look at some recommended safety equipment for your facility. Read More

Rapid Responder Version 7.2 is Here

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Prepared Response, Inc. Releases New Version of Rapid Responder Emergency Preparedness & Response System

Rapid Responder Version 7.2 is Released Offering Customers a More Robust & Streamlined System

Kirkland, WA – November 3, 2015 – Prepared Response, Inc. has released version 7.2 of their emergency preparedness and crisis management system, Rapid Responder®. The new release offers a more streamlined system which will aid customers and first responders in furthering their ability to prepare and respond during emergencies. Prepared Response often looks to their user’s requests and suggestions in order to evolve Rapid Responder to meet customer needs. Version 7.2 updates include a more simplified processes for many of the system features in both the Emergency Response Interface and the Administrative Interface. Read More

How to Know if Your Hospital Needs Rapid Responder

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As a hospital administrator, you go through great lengths to ensure that your facility is utilizing the most up-to-date technology for safety and security, while still meeting an array of standards. Rapid Responder is multi-faceted and can meet a variety of needs for your hospital. Not sure if you need it? We’ll give you an explanation and let you make that decision.

Do you need a way to track maintenance or training?

Rapid Responder easily tracks your maintenance schedules and gives an option to set reminders for when oil needs to be changed in generators, or air filters checked in patient rooms. Update your maintenance log books to digital format with the completely secure Rapid Responder system and never lose information again.

Much like maintenance, Rapid Responder can track training for your staff and has the option to set reminders about upcoming expirations on training. Your leads no longer have to check multiple employee files for training, they can quickly and easily access it in a central location in Rapid Responder. Read More

How Do You Involve Your Staff in Healthcare Safety?

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3 Proven Methods to Having Safety Focused Staff in Your Healthcare Facility

safety focused staff - surgery room hospital

Safety in a healthcare facility is a critical aspect that should be continually managed. Your healthcare staff are often aware of safety and security measures that need to be updated, or areas of your plans that could use revising before administrators do. Use staff to your advantage when discussing safety and security for your healthcare facility by including them and requesting their input. Involve staff using these three proven methods to increase safety and the discussion around it in your healthcare facility. Read More