Medical Emergencies Series: Hotels

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Reduce Risk & Negative Attention by Being Prepared 

Hotel lights and balcony

Tuesday we started our series by focusing on medical emergencies in schools, yesterday we focused on medical emergencies in places of worship, and today we will bring you tips on how to decrease risk of medical emergencies in your hotel. There are hundreds of rooms, a mass of guests, and only so many staff that are working at any given time. When you factor in the potential medical emergencies that could happen, heart attack, seizures, loss of consciousness, etc., the risk is significant. The good news though, is that there are precautions and procedures that you can put in place to decrease the severity of a medical emergency in your hotel. Read More

Increase Hotel Safety: Watch the Lot

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Parking areas don’t have to be hazardous with these tips

hotel safetyIt is widely known and acknowledged that parking lots are lacking in effective safety and security measures, especially parking garages where lighting is inadequate and a physical presence is absent. But today we want to help hospitality managers increase hotel safety in parking lots/garages by prescribing some best practices that can be advantageous to their reputation and their guest’s safety. Things like landscape, lighting, training, and other aspects can be the critical security conditions that you are missing to round out safety for your hotel. Read More