Rapid Responder: From Past to Present

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Rapid Responder

How Rapid Responder Has Evolved into a Leading Technology

When it first began in 2000, Rapid Responder was equipped with the latest in technological advances like a mobile client, downloadable for PCs, ability to upload images and documents, and cameras that shot in 2-5 megapixels. The company behind the emergency preparedness technology, Prepared Response, Inc. had the ability to email floor plans to Blackberry’s and was compatible with ToughBooks in cars and command posts for responders. At the time, these things were highly technical and profound advances. Read More

How the Incident Command System Can Help Mitigate Organization Liability

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incident command system

Housed within Rapid Responder® is the NIMS based Incident Command System (ICS), a standardized approach to command control during an emergency response. ICS is built to be an easy to use tab model which indicates all pertinent information about individual incidents or events that are created within a Rapid Responder site, including an event log, an overall summary, and communications between participants. Within ICS your entire response is electronically logged and time stamped, allowing for a real time evaluation to be able to improve upon and recognize working procedures. Read More