Keeping Youth Safe on Church Trips

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Simple Ways to Account for Student’s & Ensure Everyone stays Safe


There are several safety issues that surround each child during a trip and child safety is the most critical aspect to any place of worship outing that involves students. Here are some tips on how you can keep youth safe while still having fun on a church trip.


The adults that supervise and chaperone the trips are the first line of defense for ensuring safety for everyone attending. Accountability can only be successful if the adult to child ratio is correct, meaning there should only be a certain number of children assigned to each adult. Each chaperone should know their children’s first and last names, and any medical concerns that they may have. It is also important that chaperones have the cell phone numbers of those they are responsible for, so they have a way to easily contact them if concerns arise over accountability. Read More

How Rapid Responder Meets the Needs of your Place of Worship

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Your Needs, Our System, Let’s Compare

Rapid ResponderPlaces of worship have many needs from serving their community to holding weekly services and consistently seeking out volunteers for different positions, but their needs do not stop there. Places of worship have unique safety and security needs for their congregation, visitors, and facility. Below are some common safety and security needs for most churches, and ways that Rapid Responder helps to effortlessly meet those needs.

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Church Safety & Community Needs

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4 Ways to Keep Your Facility & Volunteers Safe During Community Outreach

Every week, places of worship around the country open their doors to meet community needs in the form of temporary shelters, soup kitchens, food banks, and more. Although these organizations are looking to do good deeds and serve those in need, they are also adding an additional safety risk to their volunteers and facility. Today we are going to discuss 4 ways that you can actively keep your facility and volunteers safe while opening your doors for community outreach.

   1. First and foremost, the most effective way to reduce community needssafety concerns is to block off restricted areas during community outreach. If your place of worship serves as a school or daycare, close and lock all doors that lead to those areas, making it impossible for an unauthorized person to gain access. If there are other areas that are off limits, lock all doors that are not critical to the operation of your particular community outreach. Read More

Holiday Safety Tips

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Road with Christmas Lights

Don’t be Caught Off Guard by Typical Holiday Incidents

The holidays, Christmas in particular, can bring unsafe conditions to anyone. From health related illness, which peaks during the Christmas season, to dangerous road conditions, and inclement weather, it is critical that we stay vigilant while enjoying the festivities. Today we want to give you a few tips that can increase the safety and security of yourself, your loved ones, and your assets this Christmas season, click through the tabs to see different ways that you can stay safe this season. Read More

4 Ways to Prepare for Holiday Crowds at your Theater

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holiday crowds

Many facilities see an increase in visitors during the holiday season. Hospitals see more emergency room visits, churches hold Christmas celebrations, and shoppers are finishing their shopping at retailers, but movie theaters also see in increase in guests. This holiday season, know what to expect from holiday crowds in your theater and take precautions against incidents. Preparing is a simple way to mitigate injury and incident. Read More

Effective Security Begins with Building Design

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building design

The design and layout of your buildings are the first and often most important aspects to safety and security. With effective building design hiding places can easily be diminished and emergency exits can be more easily accessed. We understand that many times, facilities are built with a different intended purpose, but remodeling can be beneficial to security. Today we want to give you 5 ways that your building’s design and layout can improve your security and make it more effective. Read More

Suspicious Behaviors in a Retail Setting

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What to Look for to Prevent Theft


When trying to reduce profit loss by shoplifting, consider training staff and employees on what to look for when trying to spot a shoplifter. Many shoplifters use the same tactics and can be easily identified by observant employees. Mitigate shoplifting and reduce profit loss by remembering these identifying suspicious behaviors that are typical of a shoplifter. Read More

Hotel Theft & Vandalism: “Take the Power Back”

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We’ve all heard the horror stories of the crime and vandalism that can happen at hotels, but your hotel doesn’t have to be next one in the news for lack of security. Provide your guests extra safety and security by protecting their belongings and your assets. Ongoing issues of theft and vandalism in a hotel can make a hospitality manager feel powerless. Take the power back with these tips.

You can start taking back control by getting your employees involved in the safety process, they are your eyes and ears and a group effort toward a safer and more secure environment requires the help of many people. Train employees on what to look for and the protocol for how to report theft and vandalism. Employees should have access to forms that they can fill out if they notice anything, or that they can have guests fill out for missing items that they believe have been stolen. Read More

Where is the Finish Line for Emergency Management?

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Understanding the Emergency Preparedness Cycle & How to Make it Effective

Emergency management is defined as, “the process of preparing for, mitigating, responding to, and recovering from an emergency or crisis.” It is important to understand that emergency management does not eliminate threats, instead it focuses on creating plans to decrease the impact of disaster and crisis. Before we dive into answering our question, “where is the finish line for emergency management,” we must first understand how the emergency preparedness cycle works, how it prepares us, and ways that we can make them most effective. Read More

Enhancing Safety for Retail Stores

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As a retailer, you understand that your stores have a very different set of risks than other organizations including the concern for visitors and access points. Not only must you plan for the safety and security of your business, but also for your employees and customers. Today we want to help retailers understand how they can be proactive in enhancing the safety in and around their store. Read More