Bomb Threat Series: Movie Theaters

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Keep Moviegoers Safe from Risk with Bomb Threat Plans

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Movie theaters have been under increased scrutiny about their security measures and emergency response procedures in recent years, and unfortunately have been a target for those who wish to cause harm. Bomb threats have been on the rise in public areas such as movie theaters, and sometimes the facility is not up-to-date on training and emergency plans, reducing the effectiveness of the response. Today we want to close out our series by giving movie theater owners and managers tips on how to mitigate risk and respond to a bomb threat. Read More

Add A Layer of Security in Your Theater With Rapid Responder

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Rapid Responder

Controlling Large Crowds in your Facility with Rapid Responder

Movie theaters draw in large crowds of eager guests for events like mid-night premieres, box office hits, celebrity guests, holiday weekends, and pre-screenings of highly rated movies. Guests may start lining up days to hours in advance, and during this time, groups of people can get out of hand and arguments may happen. There may still be others that cannot find adequate parking and park illegally. It can be difficult for theater owners and employees to guarantee a safe experience in a dark, crowded, closed theater, but Rapid Responder can help provide an added layer of security when controlling large crowds. Read More

Movie Theater Security: What Are My Options?

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Movie theaters have always been a place for wholesome entertainment, where couples can enjoy an evening out, or families can spend a rainy afternoon. Unfortunately, the new reality is that some people on rare occasions, look to harm others in the secluded and dark theater with minimum ways of egress. Theater owners and managers must now face the reality that additional movie theater security is required, but what are security options for such an open environment? Below are 4 security options that movie theaters can implement to increase safety.

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