Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are

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Locating a Missing Patient at Your Hospital

It’s a normal day at your hospital, when you hear there is a patient missing from their assigned room, what do you do? Any missing person is a red flag, but the risk is even higher when a patient is missing from their hospital room. They are at risk of harm to themselves, others, not receiving their medications, and worrying their families. Today we are going to give you some procedures which should be part of your missing patient protocols in your hospital or smaller healthcare facility. Read More

School Safety at Outdoor Events

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School sporting event safety

Indoor Safety Should be Reflected Outside Too

Schools focus a lot of their time on increasing safety and making the inside of their facility as secure as possible by keeping unwanted visitors out and monitoring who accesses the buildings. But many outdoor events take place during a school year including sporting events and games, field days, and car washes for fundraising. It is critical to safety and security that efforts are put in to controlling and managing risk at outdoor events at your school, not just securing the interior during normal school hours.


Creating a secure environment for guests at an outdoor event should be a priority. Provide that security to your guests by hiring or recruiting extra security for large events such as rival sports games. Emotions are often on edge and can create an incident quickly. Additional security means more eyes on guests which can minimize an incident before it happens or before it escalates.

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Keeping Youth Safe on Church Trips

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Simple Ways to Account for Student’s & Ensure Everyone stays Safe


There are several safety issues that surround each child during a trip and child safety is the most critical aspect to any place of worship outing that involves students. Here are some tips on how you can keep youth safe while still having fun on a church trip.


The adults that supervise and chaperone the trips are the first line of defense for ensuring safety for everyone attending. Accountability can only be successful if the adult to child ratio is correct, meaning there should only be a certain number of children assigned to each adult. Each chaperone should know their children’s first and last names, and any medical concerns that they may have. It is also important that chaperones have the cell phone numbers of those they are responsible for, so they have a way to easily contact them if concerns arise over accountability. Read More

Campus Officers & Community Officers: More Alike than You’d Think

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Campus and community officers have many similarities in their jobs, and sometimes may even be colleagues. They both strive to keep their community safe, face many risks with every shift they work, and share similar leadership roles and responsibilities. Although thought of as different types of law enforcers, with differing job descriptions, they are actually quite similar and rely on each other to keep our communities and college campuses safe. Read More

Bomb Threat Series: Movie Theaters

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Keep Moviegoers Safe from Risk with Bomb Threat Plans

movie theater box office

Movie theaters have been under increased scrutiny about their security measures and emergency response procedures in recent years, and unfortunately have been a target for those who wish to cause harm. Bomb threats have been on the rise in public areas such as movie theaters, and sometimes the facility is not up-to-date on training and emergency plans, reducing the effectiveness of the response. Today we want to close out our series by giving movie theater owners and managers tips on how to mitigate risk and respond to a bomb threat. Read More

Identifying a Potential Active Shooter

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What to Look for & How to Respond

In most active shooter scenarios, it is decided through investigation, the incident could have been prevented if someone had noticed the shooters behavior earlier. Whether in a house of worship, a school, a hospital, or a movie theater, staff and employees should be actively monitoring their environment for suspicious activity. Learn how to identify behaviors by knowing what to look for in a potential active shooter and how to respond if you find yourself involved.

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Pre-plan Tactical Meetings

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What Your Facility Has Been Missing

pre-plan tacticalPre-plan tactical meetings are the cornerstone to implementing Rapid Responder. They offer a roundtable discussion with your facility’s local emergency responders, and provide a focused agenda of increased safety and security during a crisis situation. Read More

First Responder Series: The Takeaways

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first responderThis week we have heard from three different first responders. Our law enforcement first responder, Lt. Ziesemer, presented us with 3 things law enforcement first responders want us to know. Wednesday, Chief Harrell gave us a glimpse into the rewarding, yet taxing career as a fire first responder. And yesterday, Ryan Stanford, with over 11 years as an emergency medical services responder gave us 3 things that he as an EMS first responder wants the public to know. It is interesting to see the different aspects of these careers that we may not be aware of and simple ways that we can help our first responders. Read More

First Responder Series: Law Enforcement

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3 Things Your Law Enforcement First Responders Want You to Know

Police Car

Today starts our series for September, “3 Things your First Responders Want You to Know.” We are starting off with our law enforcement first responders and our guest blogger is Lt. Cliff Ziesemer with Thurston County Sheriff’s Office in Thurston County, WA.  In his many years in law enforcement, Lt. Ziesemer has come across some valuable tips that can help everyone. Today he is giving the public a firsthand look at 3 things that law enforcement want you to know. Read More