Campus Officer vs School Resource Officer

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College Police Officer

When I started interviewing a school resource officer and a campus officer, I thought that their jobs would be very similar in the fact that their sole purpose was to deter crime and violence in the respective school setting. For the most part, they do the same types of things every day, but the other aspects that make up their jobs are much different. Today, we are going to see how a school resource officer and a campus officer are used in different capacities in their schools.

First I want to clarify that a school resource officer is used in k-12 settings and that a campus officer is utilized in higher education. Both are typically employed by a local law enforcement agency and both also hold jurisdictions outside of their school. Read More

Rapid Responder: Frequently Asked Questions

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Many times, people see Rapid Responder and wonder what exactly it is. Once they find out, a variety of other questions begin to surface about the product, the implementation and the maintenance of it. Today we want to take some time and answer some of the commonly asked questions about Rapid Responder.

We started by collecting questions from our operations and sales team who travel often and speak with many potential users. Here are some common questions and answers they often run into while speaking with customers and providing demos. Read More

Keeping Minors Safe on College Campuses

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Tour on College Campus

Ensure a Safe Environment when Minors are on Your College Campus

Individuals under 18 years of age visit college campuses every day whether it be to watch a performance, visiting to make a decision about acceptance, attending sports programs, camps, big/little peer groups, or visiting a family member. Sometimes they come with supervision and other times they don’t and they may or may not stay overnight in a residence hall, or attend a class. Whatever the reason for minors being on college campuses, their safety is a top priority. Below are 4 ways you can work toward mitigating risk and keeping minors safe while they’re on your campus. Read More

Rapid Responder & School Emergency Management Needs

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Rapid Responder

Learn How the All-Hazards Emergency Management System Meets Your School’s Needs for Increased Safety & Security

Most schools have federal and state issued laws they must adhere to in terms of emergency preparedness and crisis management. Juggling different requirements can be hard and trying to meet them can easily deplete a school’s budget. Having an all-hazards emergency management system is one of the most effective ways to stay within budget and meet expected requirements. Rapid Responder, a product of Prepared Response, Inc., offers schools and other facilities a simple web-based system to prepare for and respond to a variety of emergencies. Rapid Responder meets critical needs, law requirements, and is SAFETY Act certified by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Read More

Essential Tools for Emergency Responses at Your Place of Worship

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emergency supplies

Gathering & Documenting Resources for Emergencies

When an emergency happens at your place of worship you want to be prepared, including having on hand the resources you will need to respond effectively. Different types of emergencies will produce different types of responses, so it is important to have essential tools for a wide variety of emergencies that may present themselves. Click through the tabs to see necessities for different incidents that may happen at your place of worship. Read More

Mitigation After a Mass Shooting: What You Need to Know

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The Immediate & Mid-Stage Recovery from an Active Shooter at Your Movie Theater

Active shooter scenarios are something we wish didn’t have to be discussed and planned for, but unfortunately they are a viable threat to any facilities emergency preparedness. In the unfavorable chance your movie theater is faced with an active shooter situation, take these tips to provide a well-managed response that focuses on victims and their families. There are multiple phases when responding to an active shooter event, from law enforcement arriving, to the containment of the shooter, and the aftermath of picking up the pieces. Today we want to focus on the aftermath, after imminent danger has passed and supporting those whose lives are now forever changed. Read More

Minnesota Communities Invited to Learn About Rapid Responder

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Complimentary Webinar Showcasing Firsthand Experience & Rapid Responder Effectiveness

Prepared Response, Inc. is offering a complimentary webinar where attendees can expect to learn about Rapid Responder®, the industry leading emergency management and crisis response system. Minnesota communities and facilities will see how Rapid Responder increases their safety and security via a live demonstration, viewing features specific to the system. Jeff Trick, Carver County Deputy & SRO for SouthWest Metro Educational Cooperative will give a firsthand user experience and explain how Rapid Responder has aided his district and community with crisis preparedness and efficient response time to any incident. Read More

12 Topics for Monthly Safety Meetings

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Keep Your Safety Team Engaged & Use All Meetings for Training & Educationsafety meetings

Sometimes the most difficult part of safety meetings and what makes them less than effective, is not knowing what to discuss. We always recommend having a safety meeting once a month, but sometimes, there aren’t any safety issues to discuss. When those instances occur, take the opportunity to discuss new topics, or for training. Today we are going to give you 12 ideas for topics that you can use this year in your monthly safety meetings. Read More

Threat Assessments, a Main Ingredient for Facility Security

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Tips on How to Write Threat Assessments & Mitigate Risk

Threat assessments “provide a guidance framework to develop and implement the mitigation measures that would be necessary and appropriate to the identified threats to” a facility. – Thomas Bullock III, Law Enforcement Specialist with VML Insurance.*

Threat assessments are an invaluable part of security for any facility and by not performing a threat assessment on a regular basis you are leaving your facility vulnerable to ever changing threats. Some form of threat assessment should be performed annually, even if it’s just re-assessing, but a new threat assessment should be performed every other year. Read More

Your School Surroundings, Are They Cause for Concern?

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What Surrounds Your School Should Dictate Your Critical Response Plans

Is your school near a government building, or maybe a chemical plant? Schools must be aware of what surrounds them as it could affect the types of emergencies schools need to prepare for, and Critical Response Plans for School Surroundingsthe type of critical response plans they build to mitigate risk associated with their surroundings.

The risks that come with having your facility near plants with dangerous chemicals is obvious, chemical spills, but you may not realize the dangers that come with being near a government building. For instance an angry protestor could wish to cause harm, sending your school into lockdown. These are just a couple of potential dangers that might surround your facility. Also consider busy or main streets or intersections that could have collisions and block your facility’s entrance and exits. Read More