New Year, New Goals: School Safety Goals

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Create Attainable Safety Goals to Increase School Preparedness

For many people, a new year means new resolutions and a new start. As 2016 begins, start the New Year off on the right foot with new and updated school safety goals. If your school doesn’t have safety goals, begin by writing them, if you do, reflect back on the goals you met over the last year and write new ones for this year. There are always goals to be met when it comes to school safety, the students, and the staff.

school safety goalsWriting safety goals is simple. Get together with your school safety team and discuss some of the safety incidents that happened last year. Decide together whether there are any attainable goals that can be met from those past incidents. It may be to reduce the number of staff injuries, or to have a more secure student drop off and pick up system. No matter the goals, write them out and put them into attainable categories such as a time frame it will take to meet that particular goal. Once written, distribute the goals to those who will help meet them whether it be staff or parents. Post them in your school and let your community know your school is dedicated to safety. Read More

Rapid Responder Helps Control Large Crowds at Churches

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Learn How Rapid Responder can Help Mitigate Large Crowd Risk in Your Place of Worship

large crowds

Places of Worship experience very different security issues than other types of facilities because of their open environment, which exposes them to safety issues that others do not face. During normal service times, these risks are fairly easily managed, but when large crowds are expected, it becomes more difficult to effectively maintain security. This where Rapid Responder can help. Rapid Responder helps you effortlessly prepare for the large, unknown crowds that may be accessing your ground during a special event or holiday.

Here are some examples that may draw large crowds to your church during the year:

  • Easter service
  • Christmas service
  • Christmas play
  • Hosted concerts
  • Community festivals
  • Vacation Bible school

Read More

Performing Safety Audits at Your Place of Worship

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An Effective Way to Jump Start Your Safety

Safety audits can sometimes feel like a daunting task that reveals the less up-to-date safety aspects of your place of worship, but by focusing on audits as a preventative measure, they can increase the safety of your facility. Safety audits are a quick and efficient way to see where improvements need to be made and give your church a jumpstart to a safer environment, and increase preparedness. Today we will give you an overview of things your safety audit should include, how to get the most out of it, and following up for effective safety. Read More

Bomb Threat Series: Healthcare

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Create Plans, Practice Drills & Respond to Threats

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Hospitals – multiple buildings with expansive corridors and hundreds of rooms filled with patients and visitors. Eventually a wing or floor gets the code for a bomb threat and anxiety sets it. Bomb threats in a facility such as a hospital can bring unwelcome nervousness to patients, staff and first responders. Prepare for bomb threats by creating effective plans, practicing drills and responding efficiently. Read More

Bomb Threat Series: Schools

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Ways to Prepare, Performing Drills & Writing Plans

Unfortunately, bomb threats seem to be a norm for many high schools around the country and even lower grade level schools. Depending on the amount of evacuations per year, students and staff can become desensitized to the fact that there is imminent danger during a bomb threat. Preparing for a bomb threat at your school, performing drills, and writing plans are proven options to increase the effectiveness of a response if a bomb threat ever happens on your campus.

How to Prepare: Read More

Bomb Threat Series: Place of Worship

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What to Know & How to Respond

It is no secret that places of worship tend to be under particular scrutiny from opposing parties, but staying vigilant can significantly increase security for your grounds and congregation. Your security team and office personnel should know what makes a package suspicious and what to do if they notice a suspicious package or answer a call that is a bomb threat. Bomb threats can be made by phone, hand written note, email, or just a package. Below are things that you should be aware of and how to react if you perceive that your place of worship has received a bomb threat.

What to do

bomb threatIf you receive a bomb threat via a phone call, do not hang up. Try to keep the caller on the phone for as long as possible. Get someone else’s attention and have them call 9-1-1 from another phone. Remain calm and take as many notes as possible such as the gender of the caller, their exact words, and any obvious sounds in the background such as an emergency vehicle, or waves crashing. Also, note the number and name that appears on the phone. After the caller hangs up, do not hang up your line, but use another line to contact law enforcement. Avoid using any two-way radios because the frequency can sometimes detonate a bomb. Follow directions of law enforcement and any bomb squads that respond. Read More

Place of Worship Fire Drills

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What You Should do Before, During, and After a Drillfire drills

Fire drills are regularly practiced at schools and even offices, but there are not many places of worship across the country that do so. Unfortunately, places of worship are susceptible to fires and being prepared for those types of situations significantly increases your ability to respond. Practicing a drill on a Monday afternoon with your office staff does not prepare the rest of your congregation, but with some planning, you can easily prepare your church. Today we are going to give you tips and discuss what you should do before, during, and after practicing a fire drill at your place of worship. Read More

Place of Worship Safety Team Members

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Who You Need & What They Dosafety team header

In August, we brought you a post on creating a safety team for your place of worship where we discussed how to recruit involvement and how often you should meet. Today, we want to expand on that by providing you with some roles and responsibilities that your church safety team members should be assigned in the event of an emergency on your grounds. Not sure who you need on your safety team and what they should do during a crisis? We have your answers! Read More

Park Hill School District Actively Improves Safety with the Help of Rapid Responder®

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10 Year Customer Uses Rapid Responder to Map All 17 District Sites & Continue Dedication to Safety & Growth

Park Hill School

Park Hill School District in Kansas City, MO has been a Rapid Responder customer and end user since 2005. Ten years later, in 2015 they still actively use Rapid Responder, but are also increasing other areas of security for their district to keep students, staff and faculty safe. All 17 of Park Hill’s school sites are mapped in Rapid Responder and the district continues to use the system when further enhancing school security. Read More

Suspicious Behavior in Places of Worship

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See It, Hear It, Report It

We hear it all the time in airports, if you see or hear anything suspicious, report it. But what defines suspicious activity or behavior? Today we want to point out some commonly suspicious behaviors that should raise some red flags if they present themselves in your place of worship. It is important to remember that no one behavior alone is cause for suspicion, however, if multiple behaviors are present, you should become suspicious and act accordingly.

  • Nervousness which can include, looking around excessively, minimal eye contact, sweating, suspicious behaviorunusually staring forward
  • Repeated entrances/exits from the building with no noticeable reason i.e. not using the restroom or checking on their child
  • Inappropriate, oversize, loose-fitting clothes i.e. wearing a trench coat during the summer months
  • Hands in pockets and not removing them even during clapping, etc.
  • Favoring one side/adjusting waistbands, ankles or other clothing that may indicate a firearm. Watch closely when they sit or stand to see if a concealed weapon is visible or noticeable.
  • Security personnel should watch people exiting their cars and how they walk toward the church for signs of an individual carrying a weapon
  • Questions beyond curiosity about security protocol, typical behaviors of the minister, how many children are present, etc.
  • Packages/Mail that has an unusual odor or sound, no return address, cut and paste lettering, excessively secured or excessive postage

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