What if? Is Your Place of Worship Prepared for the Unknown?

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We have heard the saying that there are two sides to every story, and usually there is a negative viewpoint and a positive viewpoint in most situations. Today, we are going to discuss, in depth how prepared your place of worship is for negative and positive interactions. How will you respond if there is an active shooter? How prepared are you for a large crowd at your next advertised event? These are two very different topics with very different outcomes, but without preparation and the ability to respond effectively, they both can be detrimental. Read More

Creating an Effective Crisis Response Team in Your Healthcare Facility

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Although healthcare facilities typically care for the sick and injured, they must also be prepared for crisis situations that may arise in their facility; incidents that are either introduced environmentally, or man-made. Crisis Response Teams are made up of skilled personnel that act as decision makers and liaisons during actual or potential crisis situations. With random influx of patients and a continuous turnover of staff that work in shifts, preparing a team that can respond to crisis situations can be a breath of fresh air during an emergency. Read More

Creating Safety Teams in Your Place of Worship

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Safety teams can be the difference between a disaster and an emergency that is handled efficiently and effectively. Whether you already have a safety team for your place of worship, or you need assistance with organizing one, these best practices can help keep your church feeling welcome and open but with an added layer of security.

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