Utilize Proven Measures for Safer Access Points

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Controlling Access Points Reduces Crisis in Schools

School Fence - Controlling Access Points

Safety aspects in school settings must be met in order to foster an environment of learning, but safety cannot happen without security. While they need each other in order to flourish, school security can be difficult to provide. Children are seen as easy targets and many times the buildings on campus are spread out, offering easy entry. By utilizing some proven access control, security can become easily attained.


Here are some key areas that you should consider researching for more controlled access points:

  1. Electronic Door Locks
  2. Single Point Entry
  3. Do uble Entry System
  4. Reinforced Glass

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Caledonia-Mumford CSD Implements Rapid Responder

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Caledonia-Mumford Central School District Uses Cutting Edge Technology to Continue Dedication to School Safety & Emergency Preparedness

Caledonia, NY – October 13, 2015 – Caledonia-Mumford Central School District in Western New York recently finished implementing the NYSSA Rapid Responder Program, designed to be utilized by Sheriffs, law enforcement, fire, medical, and school personnel. Rapid Responder empowers the school and first responders to better protect campuses and respond jointly and effectively during any crisis. Bob Molisani, Superintendent of Schools for the three building district explained their need for increased safety and security and how the New York State Sheriffs’ Association (NYSSA) Rapid Responder Program is helping them to accomplish their objectives.  Read More

Increase Security for VIP Guests

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Prepare Your School for High Profile Guests with Rapid Responder

Has your school ever hosted a VIP guest? Perhaps a presidential candidate looking to connect with the American people, a celebrity that is doing charitable work, or maybe even the President of China if you are Lincoln High School in Tacoma, WA. VIP guests require many hours of preparation to your school and the security surrounding it. There will be meetings with the guests’ security team and specific plans made for potential crisis situations, all of this can become overwhelming for school administrators. Let Rapid Responder help you plan for a VIP guest visiting your school and reduce the stress surrounding their visit. Read More

Park Hill School District Actively Improves Safety with the Help of Rapid Responder®

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10 Year Customer Uses Rapid Responder to Map All 17 District Sites & Continue Dedication to Safety & Growth

Park Hill School

Park Hill School District in Kansas City, MO has been a Rapid Responder customer and end user since 2005. Ten years later, in 2015 they still actively use Rapid Responder, but are also increasing other areas of security for their district to keep students, staff and faculty safe. All 17 of Park Hill’s school sites are mapped in Rapid Responder and the district continues to use the system when further enhancing school security. Read More

Hutto ISD Implements Rapid Responder to Increase School Safety

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Hutto ISD Integrates Rapid Responder into Existing Safety & Security Protocols to Keep Students & Staff Safe

Hutto ISD recently finished implementing Rapid Responder, emergency preparedness and crisis management system, in all eight of their schools to better prepare and plan for potential emergencies on school grounds. After an incident 3 years ago, Hutto ISD took the action needed to enhance their holistic approach to school safety by looking for a system to not only aid in emergency preparedness but also further increase communications between school personnel and local first responders.

“At Hutto ISD, we do not compromise when it comes to Huttosafety. Rapid Responder is an important part of our safety plan, and it improves our ability to act quickly and more efficiently during crisis situations.” – Todd Robison, Public Information Officer, Hutto ISD

Read more about how Hutto Independent School District is increasing school safety with the use of Rapid Responder.


A Comparison: School Resource Officer & Campus Officer

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When I started interviewing a school resource officer and a campus officer, I thought that their jobs would be very similar in the fact that their sole purpose was to deter crime and violence in the respective school setting. For the most part, they do the same types of things every day, but the other aspects that make up their jobs are much different. Today, we are going to see how a school resource officer and a campus officer are used in different capacities in their schools.

First I want to clarify that a school resource officer is used in k-12 settings and that a campus officer is utilized in higher education. Both are typically employed by a local law enforcement agency and both also hold jurisdictions outside of their school. Read More