Rapid Responder Customer Forums, the Newest Customer Engagement Option

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Forum Creates Increased Engagement Between Users & Adds an Additional Support Avenueforums


KIRKLAND, WA – DECEMBER 15, 2015 – Prepared Response, Inc.® has just announced their newest channel of customer engagement for Rapid Responder users by opening a new customer forum. Rapid Responder Forums is a place where end users can go to connect with other users, share unique ways to use the system, and use as an additional avenue for customer support. Rapid Responder users will find a variety of threads to post to and read from, which will cover system updates, the Emergency Response Interface, the Administrative Interface, mobile apps, and tips and tricks. A feature requests thread is also available for customers to submit ideas and needs for future system updates. Read More

Rapid Responder Helps Control Large Crowds at Churches

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Learn How Rapid Responder can Help Mitigate Large Crowd Risk in Your Place of Worship

large crowds

Places of Worship experience very different security issues than other types of facilities because of their open environment, which exposes them to safety issues that others do not face. During normal service times, these risks are fairly easily managed, but when large crowds are expected, it becomes more difficult to effectively maintain security. This where Rapid Responder can help. Rapid Responder helps you effortlessly prepare for the large, unknown crowds that may be accessing your ground during a special event or holiday.

Here are some examples that may draw large crowds to your church during the year:

  • Easter service
  • Christmas service
  • Christmas play
  • Hosted concerts
  • Community festivals
  • Vacation Bible school

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Holiday Safety Tips

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Road with Christmas Lights

Don’t be Caught Off Guard by Typical Holiday Incidents

The holidays, Christmas in particular, can bring unsafe conditions to anyone. From health related illness, which peaks during the Christmas season, to dangerous road conditions, and inclement weather, it is critical that we stay vigilant while enjoying the festivities. Today we want to give you a few tips that can increase the safety and security of yourself, your loved ones, and your assets this Christmas season, click through the tabs to see different ways that you can stay safe this season. Read More

Guest Blogger, Richard Lee Helps us Prepare Mentally

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Mental Preparation for Workplace Incidents

running from fire icon

Where do you spend the majority of your time? At your home, your workplace, or sitting in college classes? At your house you may have a plan on how to evacuate if there is a fire, or steps that you would take when faced with an emergency, but many times, our workplaces become our home away from home, and we may not be as prepared to respond to an incident there. I find it interesting that with as much time as we spend at work, we know very little about the things we see every day. Today I want to bring some thoughts to the forefront of your mind and help you become more aware of your surroundings in the workplace to better prepare for incidents.

When faced with an emergency situation, people may react in very different ways based on their life experiences. Some may freeze in panic, while others may laugh at what seems like an inopportune time, but individuals express their emotions differently. No matter how emotions are expressed, the thought process for how to respond to say a fire in your office should be predetermined, and you should act on previously thought out plans, not the emotions that you are feeling. Read More

“Run, Hide, Fight,” vs. “Avoid, Deny, Defend”

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Although rare, active shooter situations do happen, and are a part of safety and security training in most organizations these days. Unfortunately, we must prepare for these unlikely incidents by knowing the most effective ways to respond. There are a few methods, but the most widely used and supported are, “Run, Hide, Fight,” and “Avoid, Deny, Defend.” Keep reading to learn what they mean, how they differ, and who supports them.

Run, Hide, Fight Read More

Effective Security Begins with Building Design

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building design

The design and layout of your buildings are the first and often most important aspects to safety and security. With effective building design hiding places can easily be diminished and emergency exits can be more easily accessed. We understand that many times, facilities are built with a different intended purpose, but remodeling can be beneficial to security. Today we want to give you 5 ways that your building’s design and layout can improve your security and make it more effective. Read More

Easy Alert, the Internal Communication Tool that Your Healthcare Facility is Missing

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Does your hospital or other healthcare facility have a way to communicate internally during an emergency situation, incident, or drill? If so, does that same communication tool allow for real-time communication with your first responders as well? Rapid Responder Easy Alert meets both of those needs and is included in the cost of your Rapid Responder implementation. Below are three ways that Easy Alert helps your healthcare facility to communicate internally during an incident or drill.

Easy AlertCompatible with any iOS or Android Device

Easy Alert is browser based and compatible with all iOS and Android devices, it is also accessible on any platform, making it a universal communication tool for staff and first responders.  Because it is browser based, there is no fear of updates, ensuring your ability to use it at any time, and it can be saved to your device’s home screen for quick access. An incident or drill can be initiated within 2 clicks and a notification can be sent to a predetermined contact list of staff and first responders by email and/or text. Read More

Bomb Threat Series: Movie Theaters

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Keep Moviegoers Safe from Risk with Bomb Threat Plans

movie theater box office

Movie theaters have been under increased scrutiny about their security measures and emergency response procedures in recent years, and unfortunately have been a target for those who wish to cause harm. Bomb threats have been on the rise in public areas such as movie theaters, and sometimes the facility is not up-to-date on training and emergency plans, reducing the effectiveness of the response. Today we want to close out our series by giving movie theater owners and managers tips on how to mitigate risk and respond to a bomb threat. Read More

Add A Layer of Security in Your Theater With Rapid Responder

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Rapid Responder

Controlling Large Crowds in your Facility with Rapid Responder

Movie theaters draw in large crowds of eager guests for events like mid-night premieres, box office hits, celebrity guests, holiday weekends, and pre-screenings of highly rated movies. Guests may start lining up days to hours in advance, and during this time, groups of people can get out of hand and arguments may happen. There may still be others that cannot find adequate parking and park illegally. It can be difficult for theater owners and employees to guarantee a safe experience in a dark, crowded, closed theater, but Rapid Responder can help provide an added layer of security when controlling large crowds. Read More

Identifying a Potential Active Shooter

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What to Look for & How to Respond

In most active shooter scenarios, it is decided through investigation, the incident could have been prevented if someone had noticed the shooters behavior earlier. Whether in a house of worship, a school, a hospital, or a movie theater, staff and employees should be actively monitoring their environment for suspicious activity. Learn how to identify behaviors by knowing what to look for in a potential active shooter and how to respond if you find yourself involved.

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