Movie Theater Security: What Are My Options?

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Movie theaters have always been a place for wholesome entertainment, where couples can enjoy an evening out, or families can spend a rainy afternoon. Unfortunately, the new reality is that some people on rare occasions, look to harm others in the secluded and dark theater with minimum ways of egress. Theater owners and managers must now face the reality that additional movie theater security is required, but what are security options for such an open environment? Below are 4 security options that movie theaters can implement to increase safety.

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How Your Mall Can Shrink the Bullseye

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5 Ways Malls Can Prepare for Emergencies

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Last week we explained some common soft targets for terrorist activity, and ways to prevent becoming a target through effective safety and security measures. Since shopping centers and malls are a common soft target, we want to hone in on them to provide ways for owners, property managers and security personnel to prepare for emergency situations. Malls can be hard to manage because of the open, free-flow nature and the amount of people that are present at any given time. Preparing for different types of emergency situations like natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and active shooters, is imperative to the safety and security of visitors and property. Below are a 5 ways that you can effectively prepare to mitigate crisis situations in your mall or shopping center. Read More

Is Your Facility a Terrorist Target

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Learn If Your Facility Is & How to Become Less Vulnerable

It seems that almost every facility is a target these days for an attack, either foreign or domestic but whether a shopping center, a sports arena, or a restaurant, your facility probably has emergency plans in place to respond during incidents. For the purposes of this post, we are going to define terrorist as, a person who terrorizes or frightens others. Most public areas are soft targets for terrorism, but there are also hard targets and there is a stark difference between the two. Today we are going to identify the differences between soft and hard terrorist targets, and ways that you can diminish the likelihood of being a victim.

A soft target is a person or thing that is relatively unprotected or vulnerable, especially to military or terrorist attack. Soft targets make up the majority of victims, whereas, hard targets are seen as something that is heavily defended by formal security protocol. Although soft targets are at a greater risk, both are still very susceptible to attack.   Read More