All Eyes Are On You: Ways to Prevent Piracy at Your Theater

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6 Ways to Deter & Catch Movie Thieves


Piracy and movie theft is a growing problem for theater owners and managers, and mitigation is critical to continuation of business and profit. Reducing piracy and theft must first start with training for staff and a standard policy for violators and law breakers. Below are 6 ways you can prevent movie theft and piracy at your theater. Read More

Improve Patient Information Security at Your Hospital

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information securitySimple Tips on Keeping Patient Information Safe from Theft

Having security over personal information at a hospital is critical to mitigating risk and legal action. The Identity Theft Resource Center conducted a survey and drew the conclusion that, “medical-related identity theft accounted for 43 percent of all identity thefts reported in the United States in 2013.” This is a staggering statistic and a topic to be proactive against in your hospital. Today we want to give you some tips to ensure patient information is secure and avoid medical identity theft from becoming a growing issue. Read More

Church Safety & Community Needs

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4 Ways to Keep Your Facility & Volunteers Safe During Community Outreach

Every week, places of worship around the country open their doors to meet community needs in the form of temporary shelters, soup kitchens, food banks, and more. Although these organizations are looking to do good deeds and serve those in need, they are also adding an additional safety risk to their volunteers and facility. Today we are going to discuss 4 ways that you can actively keep your facility and volunteers safe while opening your doors for community outreach.

   1. First and foremost, the most effective way to reduce community needssafety concerns is to block off restricted areas during community outreach. If your place of worship serves as a school or daycare, close and lock all doors that lead to those areas, making it impossible for an unauthorized person to gain access. If there are other areas that are off limits, lock all doors that are not critical to the operation of your particular community outreach. Read More

“The Value of Security Isn’t Measured by what it Costs, But what it Prevents”

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Justifying the Value of Prevention

When a facility such as a school, church, or movie theater starts discussing their security options, the topic of budget always arises. Often times there are individuals who rally for increased safety and security, no matter the cost, but there are others who vote for cheaper, and sometimes less effective options, even if it means providing less safety. Today we want to talk to you about the quote,

The value of security isn’t measured by what it costs, but what it prevents

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Suspicious Behaviors in a Retail Setting

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What to Look for to Prevent Theft


When trying to reduce profit loss by shoplifting, consider training staff and employees on what to look for when trying to spot a shoplifter. Many shoplifters use the same tactics and can be easily identified by observant employees. Mitigate shoplifting and reduce profit loss by remembering these identifying suspicious behaviors that are typical of a shoplifter. Read More

Hotel Theft & Vandalism: “Take the Power Back”

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We’ve all heard the horror stories of the crime and vandalism that can happen at hotels, but your hotel doesn’t have to be next one in the news for lack of security. Provide your guests extra safety and security by protecting their belongings and your assets. Ongoing issues of theft and vandalism in a hotel can make a hospitality manager feel powerless. Take the power back with these tips.

You can start taking back control by getting your employees involved in the safety process, they are your eyes and ears and a group effort toward a safer and more secure environment requires the help of many people. Train employees on what to look for and the protocol for how to report theft and vandalism. Employees should have access to forms that they can fill out if they notice anything, or that they can have guests fill out for missing items that they believe have been stolen. Read More