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Top 3 Uses for Rapid Responder Easy Alert

Rapid Responder Easy Alert is an internal communication tool that provides unmatched communication between key theater staff and security personnel during any type of incident or emergency. Easy Alert quickly sends an alert to all designated personnel with 2 clicks, notifying them of an incident. Learn 3 ways Easy Alert can be used in your movie theater for increased preparedness and a more efficient response to emergencies. 

During emergencies it is critical to have open communication between all parties, especially your theater staff who are enacting emergency plans and performing their responsibilities during an incident. While two-way radios are an option, they may run out of power or lose signal. With Easy Alert, you can quickly communicate on any device with an internet connection, making it more reliable and easier to use for updates and instructions. Use Easy Alert to communicate with your theater staff during events such as fires, active shooters, medical emergencies, or suspicious packages. As an incident progresses, you have the ability to change the incident type and response while continuing to communicate real-time.

The Easy Alert communication tool prepares your staff and theater for a variety of events by running drills. Easy Alert has a drill button that creates a “fake” incident allowing for practice between using the system and enacting protocols. This can be used after hours and during training sessions to familiarize your staff with Easy Alert and practice your emergency response plans for a more efficient response if an emergency arises. By using it in drills and training, your staff will be better prepared to use it correctly during an actual emergency.

Rapid Responder Easy Alert can help mitigate litigations that may arise after an incident at your movie theater. Easy Alert keeps an electronic, un-editable log, including a timestamp of all correspondents between staff who joined the incident and responded. Easy Alert allows anyone within the incident to take/upload an image and share it with other participants. Logs are saved automatically to Rapid Responder where it can be opened and used in legal proceedings, for after-action reviews, or for future training purposes. This is a communication tool your theater cannot afford to go without.

Easy Alert is a cutting edge internal communication tool to be used between staff during an emergency, or to prepare for emergencies through drills. It is robust and offers users a comprehensive means of simple communication and helps to mitigate litigation after an incident. There are many options for theaters to use during an incident for means of communication, but Easy Alert provides the most options in one convenient location, easily accessible and managed by all staff and personnel. These are only 3 ways you can use Easy Alert for your movie theater safety and security.  Contact us to see Easy Alert in action and how it can help your theater prepare, respond and recover from a crisis.

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