The Missing Link: Cohesion

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Rapid Responder Provides Cohesion for Organizations

hand - ipad - squareMany organizations have all the right plans for responding to emergencies, by having written plans and doing tabletop drills to practice. From a preparedness standpoint they may be well prepared and have all their ducks in a row, waiting for a chance to put their plans in action. However, they still may be lacking a significant factor in responding efficiently and they may be lacking cohesion. Rapid Responder, an industry leading emergency preparedness platform, provides cohesiveness for those who implement it.
Cohesion with other staff for your organization is critical to handling an emergency or incident well. Rapid Responder allows for a cohesive response within your organization by bringing everyone together on the same page and laying out an easy to follow responsibility tree through ICS and a NIMS based model of response. Rapid Responder stores all of your emergency plans and response procedures, including digital imagery, in a simple and easy-to-navigate platform, available on the Internet, on a laptop, available on a USB, or iOS or Android App. It gives the same information to all parties accessing the information, lessening confusion during a response.

Not only does Rapid Responder bring cohesiveness to your organization, it also provides cohesion for your community, like your first responders and other community partners including hospitals and city officials. During the implementation process, Prepared Response, Inc. Field Representatives meet with organization personnel and their first responders, including law enforcement and the fire department. During this meeting the field representatives bring community partners together to discuss things like best access routes, command post and triage locations, and how to close off local streets, and evacuation locations. Other topics discussed are re-unification procedures and different hospitals that will be used in the case of a mass casualty incident. This not only prepares the organization more for an incident, but also prepares the cohesioncommunity as a whole to respond better if the need arises.

Without cohesion, an incident can become chaotic, even with effective and well thought out plans. Cohesion is the glue that brings different agencies together during an incident to respond effectively. It is the key to being aware of how others are responding to an incident and not getting in their way, while still meeting your own responsibilities. Although Rapid Responder meets many preparedness and management needs, it also reduces confusion during an incident, a factor that is many times left out of the planning process. Cohesion may be the missing link in your organization’s preparedness chain.

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