Time Change Brings Security Changes to Your Theater

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time changeEmbrace Change for Increased Security

Daylight Savings is much anticipated after brutal winters and less sunshine. Since time changes twice a year, it is a good indicator of when to do routine safety checks and security procedures. Many fire departments for instance urge their community to check and replace batteries in smoke detectors and expiration dates of fire extinguishers. Today however, we are going to give you 3 ways to alter your theater’s security with the twice yearly time change for increased safety.

When time changes in the fall, the sun sets earlier, making it important to implement some changes. If the sun sets at 5pm, parking lot and unauthorized area checks need to happen at 5pm instead of 7pm. In the same way, if parking lot lights and outer perimeter lights are scheduled to come on at 7pm during the summer, they should be changed according to the time change, allowing guests plenty of light while walking, or getting in their cars.

With time change comes other changes to security in your theater, such as change of passcodes. Whether it be a security alarm, money box, concessions area, or film rooms, passwords and passcodes to sensitive information should be changed and only those who need to know the codes should be told what they are.

Another way to alter your theaters’ security during time change is to change some of the roles or schedules for your staff. For example, if the same three people open the theater every week, and the same two people do the money drop at the end of a shift, change that. Put new people in those roles, and consider changing the way those procedures are handled. By changing the dynamic, you change what a potential criminal observes about how your theater is managed. If things stay the same all the time, a criminal will notice and take advantage of a staff member with their back turned, or start to know a code for a locked area.

Many times, criminals scope out their targets to create a plan, they may watch the times doors open and close, who has keys and codes, and the times of day when they can potentially get away with a crime. To reduce the risk of this happening at your theater, change up your security procedures and schedules near time change. By using Daylight Savings as an indicator, it becomes easier to remember and implement. Time isn’t the only change that should happen periodically, especially for a public space such as a movie theater.

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