Tips to Manage Visitors in Your Healthcare Facility

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With an abundance of doors in hospitals and assisted living facilities, or any type of medical center, it can be easy to lose track of where visitors, staff and patients have access in the buildings. In order to keep your healthcare facility safe, you must know where visitors and patients are at in your buildings. You must manage visitors by managing the areas they can access, in doing so, you are ensuring a safe place for medical professionals to do their job. Keep these best practices in mind when you are trying to manage visitors access for your healthcare facility.manage visitors

  1. Install signs to direct visitors and patients where you want them to go and keep them away from restricted areas. Guest entrances should be clearly marked and provide directions to a welcome/help desk.
  1. Once your signs have brought visitors to your welcome/help desk, there should be a digital visitor’s log book or a sign-in process to identify them and their purpose for visiting. An attendant at the desk can add an additional layer by ensuring guests are signing in but can also help direct guests to their destination. By maintaining an active visitor’s book, you increase your effectiveness in keeping track of who is in your facility and why.
  1. Visitor’s badges should be issued to all non-employees and be visible to hospital staff, a different color than an employee’s badge, and should be returned to the welcome/help desk and visitor’s sign out before leaving the building.
  1. Have a hospital security team actively monitoring surveillance cameras to help control your healthcare facilities access points. Video cameras should be pointed at all entrances and exits to provide a clear capture of everyone who enters and leaves.
  1. During off hours, the majority of your healthcare facilities access points should be locked and visitors should be redirected to the emergency center. This guarantees that guests are being funneled to one central location and that the staff in that area can direct guests where they need to go.

It can be a challenge to adequately maintain control of access points in any healthcare facility, but by effectively practicing daily security measures you are increasing the safety and security in your medical center. Ensuring that your visitors are easily identified and accounted for is the security factor that makes safer access points attainable.

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